Red maple (Acer rubrum) inhibits feeding by beaver (Castor canadensis)

  title={Red maple (Acer rubrum) inhibits feeding by beaver (Castor canadensis)},
  author={D. M{\"u}ller-Schwarze and B. Schulte and Lixing Sun and Annette M{\"u}ller-Schwarze and C. M{\"u}ller-Schwarze},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Ecology},
At many beaver (Castor canadensis) sites at Allegany State Park in New York State, red maple (Acer rubrum) is the only or one of the few tree species left standing at the ponds' edges. The relative palatability of red maple (RM) was studied in three ways. (1) At seven beaver sites, the available and utilized trees were recorded and an electivity index (E) computed. Of 15 tree species, RM ranked second or fourth lowest. (2) In experiment I, RM, sugar maple (A. saccharum, SM), and quaking aspen… Expand
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