Red lines of journalism

  title={Red lines of journalism},
  author={S. Selina Jamil},

The Monitored Watchdogs: Journalists’ Surveillance and its Repercussions for their Professional and Personal Lives in Pakistan

ABSTRACT Journalists, across the world, are ever more at risk of surveillance from state and non-state antagonists. However, to work safely in a monitored environment is a substantial challenge for

Battling with infodemic and disinfodemic: the quandary of journalists to report on COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan

Drawing on Reese’s hierarchy of influences model, this study seeks to explore the various levels of influences that impact on the Pakistani journalists’ reporting and their ability to deal with the challenges of infodemic and disinfodemic amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Health and Safety Risks to Journalists During Pandemics

Journalists play a critical role in the dissemination of health information to the public. This chapter explores the challenges created by COVID-19 for journalists in Pakistan. It also examines how

Discrimination, Gender Disparity, and Safety Risks in Journalism

This chapter explores discrimination, gender equality, and safety risks in journalism, and the need to draw attention to the issue of gender-based threats and discrimination in the media industry.

Safety of Women Journalists in Nigerian News Media

In recent decades, women journalists' professional safety has attracted an enormous research attention globally and in Nigeria. Interestingly, often similar findings are likely generated by most of

Sexism and Gender Discrimination in Pakistan's Mainstream News Media

This research aims to examine how sexism and gender discrimination impacts women journalists in Pakistan. The International Federation of Journalists (2018-19) ranks Pakistan as the fourth most

Online Harassment of Female Journalists in Bangladesh

The online harassment of female journalists is a rising concern around the world and also in South Asia. Bangladesh, a South Asian country, recently, has experienced an increasing number of

Safety and Security of Journalists in India

Globally, upholders of the fourth pillar of democracy have been consistently exposed to security issues and gender discrimination. Many journalists and media professionals are having to pay with

Confronting Freedom to Inform With Freedom of Expression

Globally, there is an increase in online attacks on journalists with gender dimensions to these attacks. Also, it is established that digital innovations have augmented free expression and the

Female Journalists and Safety Challenges in Selected Media Organizations in Kano State, Nigeria

Journalism schools have being witnessing an increase in female enrollment in Nigeria, but this is not proportional to the number of women who work in media organizations. For the women who eventually