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Red Star: The First Bolshevik Utopia

  title={Red Star: The First Bolshevik Utopia},
  author={Alexander Aleksandrovich Bogdanov and Loren Graham and Richard W. Stites and Charles Rougle}
Preface Fantasy and Revolution: Alexander Bogdanov and the Origins of Bolshevik Science Fiction, Richard Stites RED STAR: A Utopia ENGINNEER MENNI: A Novel of Fantasy A MARTIAN STRANDED ON EARTH: A Poem Bogdanov's Inner Message, Loren R. Graham Selected Bibliography 
Alexander Bogdanov’s Red Star utopian world: educational perspectives
Alexander Bogdanov’s Red Star remains to this day a peculiar document of science fiction literature. Combining imaginative writing with political agitation, Bogdanov’s work manages to articulate the
Utopia and dystopia in Russian fiction: The contribution of V. F. Odoyevsky
(1984). Utopia and dystopia in Russian fiction: The contribution of V. F. Odoyevsky. Renaissance and Modern Studies: Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 59-71.
‘Molodoi Chelovek, my origins lie in the past, but I am from the future’
My enduring interest in the relationship between socialist politics and architecture began in 1977. The airwaves throbbed with industrial beats, deep recession loomed and neo-liberal ideology was g...
The Image of Jesus in the Russian Revolutionary Movement
  • Jay Bergman
  • History
    International Review of Social History
  • 1990
Summary This article explores how Russian revolutionaries, in particular the Russian Marxists, used the image of Jesus to explain their political choices and commitments. These revolutionaries were
The Style and Mythology of Socialism: Socialist Idealism, 1871-1914
Arguably no modern ideology has diffused as fast as socialism. From the mid-nineteenth century to the last quarter of the twentieth, socialist ideals played a crucial part not only in the political
Tomorrow begins yesterday: data imaginaries in Russian and Soviet science fiction
ABSTRACT This necessarily speculative as well as historically grounded essay examines two key works in the Russian-language literature, Alexander Bogdanov's Red Star (1908. Krasnaia Zvesda: utopia.
The Co-ordinates of Design Fiction: Extrapolation, Irony, Ambiguity and Magic
It is argued that currently design fiction is dominated by scientistic and ironic design fiction and it is suggested that magic and ambiguity are currently under explored.
On Lenin’s Materialism and empiriocriticism
  • D. Bakhurst
  • Philosophy
    Studies in East European Thought
  • 2018
Abstract In May 1909, Lenin published Materialism and empiriocriticism, a polemical assault on forms of positivistic empiricism popular among members of the Bolshevik intelligentsia, especially his
From Biological to Moral Immortality: The Utopian Dimensions of Socialist Work Ethics
This article analyzes the historical relation between socialist work ethics and bodily immortality as it crystallized in an East German schoolbook and its narrative staging of socialist work. It
Mayakovsky’s Bedbug: Revolution, Time, and Utopia
In Russia, the very idea of a Communist revolution – from 1905 onwards – meant both hope and dread. This attitude is quite clearly shown in a very significant part of the Russian literary process,