Red Phalarope (Phalaropus fulicarius)

  title={Red Phalarope (Phalaropus fulicarius)},
  author={Diane M. Tracy and Douglas Schamel and James Dale},
Are ocean conditions and plastic debris resulting in a 'double whammy' for marine birds?
It is suggested that distribution shifts of Red Phalarope closer to shore, where plastic debris occurs in higher concentrations, may lead phalaropes to feed on plastic debris while in a weakened state, resulting in a combination of two adverse circumstances. Expand
Annual adult survival drives trends in Arctic-breeding shorebirds but knowledge gaps in other vital rates remain
ABSTRACT Conservation status and management priorities are often informed by population trends. Trend estimates can be derived from population surveys or models, but both methods are associated withExpand
Plastic ingestion by seabirds in the circumpolar Arctic: a review
Plastic pollution is a ubiquitous global environmental problem. Plastic ingestion by seabirds is an increasing issue even in remote areas, such as the Arctic, yet research and monitoring of plastic...
An update on the inventory, distribution and residency status of bird species in Guatemala
Summary. We present an update on the status and distribution of birds in Guatemala relative to a previous summary (Eisermann & Avendaño 2007) and based upon a review of new published and unpublishedExpand