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Red List of Bulgarian vascular plants

  title={Red List of Bulgarian vascular plants},
  author={Mincho E. Anchev and Iva Apostolova and Boris Assyov and Svetlana T. Bancheva and Cvetomir M. Denchev and Dimitar Dimitrov and Dessislava I. Dimitrova and L. Evstatieva and E. Genova and Valeri Georgiev and Valentina Goranova and Chavdar Gussev and Pepa Ignatova and Daniella Ivanova and Tenyo Meshinev and Dimitar Peev and Anastasia Petrova and Antoaneta S. Petrova and Dessislava Sopotlieva and Stefan Stanev and Milka P. Stoeva and Stoyan Stoyanov and Alexander Tashev and Anita G. Tosheva and Sonya Tsoneva and Rossen Tzonev and Antonina Vitkova and Vladimir Vladimirov},
The national threat status of 898 species of vascular plants from the Bulgarian flora has been evaluated using Version 3.1 of the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria. The resulting Red List of the Bulgarian vascular plants (threat categories) comprises 801 species (20.5 % of the total flora), of which one Extinct (EX), 12 Regionally Extinct (RE), 208 Critically Endangered (CR), 297 Endangered (EN), 204 Vulnerable (VU), and 79 Near Threatened (NT). The list of other evaluated species comprises… 

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Balkan endemics in the Bulgarian flora

The Bulgarian flora includes 270 endemic Balkan species belonging to 116 genera and 35 families, of which 165 are legally protected by the national Biological Diversity Act and 176 have been assigned a national IUCN threat category - CR, EN or VU.


Reassessment according to the criteria of the IUCN Red List Categories is made, showing that the species Lathyrus transsilvanicus should be considered as “Critically Endangered” at local level.

New locality of Centaurea pichleri (Asteraceae) in Bulgaria

During field investigations in the spring of 2016 a new locality of the species in Toundzha hilly country (SE Bulgaria) was found and the new population of C. pichleri is in a good state and numbers over then 1000 individuals.


The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) 3 1973. It by the Parliament of in 1991 and published in 1992. The study presents characteristics of the

European Red List of Lycopods and Ferns

The European Red List of lycopods and ferns provides the first ever comprehensive assessment of the extinction risk of all native lycopod and f Fern species to Europe, highlighting that 19.9% ofLycopodand fern species are threatened with extinction in Europe.

Flora and vegetation of the Dervisha Managed Reserve, Bulgaria

Composition of the herbaceous layer of the Aesculus hippocastanum community has proved much richer, as compared to the previously available data, and four new species have been recorded for the floristic region of Northeast Bulgaria.


The paper presents a classification of 1010 species, belonging to 296 genera and 84 families of wild melliferous plants of the Bulgarian flora, and indicates that substantial part of melliferously plant species of the Bulgaria flora is of high conservation value.

Current Status, Distribution and Habitat of the Threatened Species Myricaria germanica (Tamaricaceae) in Bulgaria

The present research aims to clarify the current status and the distribution of the population and the habitat of the threatened species Myricaria germanica in Bulgaria. The species occurs with one

Systematical and phytogeographical analysis of the flora on Mt Golo Bardo

The article presents the contemporary status of the flora and the phytogeographical characteristics of the mountain and comprises: a floristic list of the vascular plants, including mosses;

Floristic analysis of Mt Slivenska (Eastern Stara Planina, Bulgaria)

Investigation of biological diversity is an important prerequisite for environment protection and is particularly topical in the context of the ongoing climate changes and altering public awareness



Red List of the bryophytes in Bulgaria

The present Red List of Bulgarian Bryophytes includes 251 species, of which 228 are Threatened, 28 are Critically Endangered, 42 Endangered and 158 Vulnerable, and 23 species are Near Threatened.

The Balkan endemic Colymbada finazzeri (Centaureinae, Asteraceae) in the Bulgarian flora

The present article reconfirms the distribution of C. finazzeri in Bulgaria and produces data on the taxonomy, morphology, biology of reproduction, and ecology of the species, as well as on the status of its population.

Stipa ucrainica (Poaceae): a recently recognized native species of the Bulgarian flora

Stipa ucrainica of the S. dasyphylla group is reported here as a recently recognized species of the Bulgarian flora, found in three sites in Northeast Bulgaria and in the Black Sea Coast floristic

Epipactis exilis and E. greuteri (Orchidaceae) in the Bulgarian flora

The habitats and data about the size and the spatial structure of the populations is given, and according to the IUCN Red List of Categories and Criteria applied at regional level, E. exilis is classified as Endangered and E. greuteri as Critically Endangered.

Centaurea jankae and C. trinervia (Asteraceae): new taxa for the Bulgarian flora

Two species of Centaurea, C. jankae and C. trinervia, are reported as new for Bulgaria. Both were found in Northeast Bulgaria, near Nevsha and Venchan villages, Varna district. A description of the

Achillea ochroleuca (Asteraceae): a new species for the Bulgarian flora

The native species Achillea ochroleuca is added to the Bulgarian flora. A new geographical distribution has enlarged its area to the south. The paper provides new chorological data, a morphological

Plantago maxima (Plantaginaceae): a relict species new for the Bulgarian flora

The native and relict Plantago maxima species is added to the Bulgarian flora. The new geographical distribution extended its area to the south. Morphological description and new chorological data

The Application of IUCN Red List Criteria at Regional Levels

This paper represents a work in progress by the World Conservation Union (IUCN). Earlier drafts of the work have appeared in IUCN publications, but the “International Issues” section of Conservation

Centaurea jankae and C

  • trinervia (Astreceae): new taxa for the Bulgarian flora. – Phytol. Balcan., 13(3): 353-358.
  • 2007