Red Light on Sex Work in Western Australia

  title={Red Light on Sex Work in Western Australia},
  author={Thomas Crofts and Tracey Summerfield},
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After several failed attempts, the former Labor government in Western Australia was finally able to enact legislation to introduce a licensing system for sex work. While not condoning sex work, Labor saw the need to regulate ‘prostitution in a manner that is conducive to public health, protects sex workers from exploitation and protects children from being involved in or exposed to prostitution.’ It felt that the best way to do this was through a minimalist decriminalised model, similar to that… Expand
Ambivalent Regulation: The Sexual Services Industries in NSW and Victoria — Sex Work as Work, or as Special Category?
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The Licensing of Sex Work: Regulating an Industry or Enforcing Public Morality?
In late 2006 the Attorney-General of Western Australia announced that the State government would ‘investigate reforms to Western Australia’s prostitution laws in a bid to decriminalise the world’sExpand
Sex work and the law.
It is concluded that, on initial impression, decriminalisation may offer the best outcomes in sex work, but more rigorous population-based research is needed to properly assess the health and welfare impacts of legal approaches to sex work. Expand
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