Red Cross Triage App Design for Augmented Reality Glasses


The authors of this article go through the process of designing of Triage System using a Google Glass Application prototype, based on the procedure used by adjunct emergency hospital personnel to classify the injured in an emergency (Fernández, 2006). This application can help personnel in charge of an emergency to locate which hospital has rooms available for every type of patient delivered by ambulance, which is a very important factor for effective emergency medical care (Martínez, 2001). The main objective of this paper is to establish necessary and sufficient requirements to develop an efficient user--friendly procedure by the use of augmented reality glasses and controlled by voice commands. The prototype design comes from a categorization of information obtained by observing and interviewing active adjunct emergency hospital personnel from the Red Cross performing an actual application of Triage in an emergency scenario. Once the functional prototype was designed, a usability test was performed on 6 volunteer paramedics. The results of this test revealed that even though the general experience would benefit the categorization and distribution of victims injured in a real emergency, a detailed analysis is required to establish the words needed as voice commands to navigate through the interface and to establish visual feedback principles for various commands of the system.

DOI: 10.1145/2676690.2676697

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