Red (B2Π–A2σ) Band System of Aluminium Monoxide

  title={Red (B2$\Pi$–A2$\sigma$) Band System of Aluminium Monoxide},
  author={D. C. Tyte},
IN recent years there has been renewed interest in the spectrum of AlO. The well-known very strong blue-green (A2σ–X2σ, ground-state) system has been re-investigated1,2, and the ultra-violet system (B2Π–X2σ) has also been the subject of new investigations3. 
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The absorption spectrum of AlO has been observed in the wavelength region 2000-3000 A using a shock tube. Discrete band absorption and continuous absorption were observed. It is suggested that the
Rotational analysis of the C2Σ+ — X2Σ+ system of AlO
The 2-0, 1-0, 0-0 and 0-1 bands of the C2Σ+-X2Σ+ system of AlO, lying at 2391.88 Å, 2438.35 Å, 2487.32 Å and 2548.51 Å respectively were excited in a low pressure arc and photographed on a 6.6-metre
A high-resolution line list for AlO
Indications of aluminium monoxide in atmospheres of exoplanets are being reported. Studies using high-resolution spectroscopy should allow a strong detection but require high-accuracy laboratory
Neutral and Multicharged Ions of Small Aluminum Oxides: Structures, Spectroscopy, and Energetics.
These stable forms of AlxOyq+ should help for identifying and understanding the complex chemical processes occurring during the Al2O3 growth in laboratory and in astrophysical media and those taking place at the degradation of Al-containing materials by high temperature corrosion/oxidation.
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By means of density functional theory (DFT) computations and particle-swarm optimization (PSO) structure searches, we herein predict five low-lying energy structures of two-dimensional (2D) aluminum
Low energy electron-impact study of AlO using the R-matrix method
Abstract This comprehensive study reports the electron-impact on the open shell AlO molecule at low energy (less than 10 eV) using the R-matrix method. We present the elastic (integrated and


Hollow-Cathode Emission of the AlO Spectrum
ALL emission bands previously attributed to the AlO molecule have been observed in the glow from a hollow cathode containing Al–Al2O3 pellets. The hollow cathode is a much more appropriate source for