Recycling the liquid fraction of alkaline hydrogen peroxide in the pretreatment of corn stover.

  title={Recycling the liquid fraction of alkaline hydrogen peroxide in the pretreatment of corn stover.},
  author={B{\'a}rbara Ribeiro Alves Alencar and Alexandre Libanio Silva Reis and Raquel de Souza and Marcos Antonio DE Morais and R{\^o}mulo Sim{\~o}es Cezar Menezes and Emmanuel Damilano Dutra},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
Concentration of Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) Affects the Recycle of the Liquid Fraction in the Pre-treatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Corn Stover
Pre-treatment is one of main economic and technological challenges to render feasible the production of biofuels and chemical compounds from lignocellulosic biomass. Alkaline hydrogen peroxide (AHP)
Characterization and Integrated Process of Pretreatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Corn Straw
The chemical pretreatment of biomass has been integrated with enzyme production through the recycling of aqueous fractions. Alkaline/H2O2 delignification of corn straw (CS) was performed to obtain a
Reduction of the environmental footprint of thermo‐alkali pretreatment by reusing black liquor during anaerobic digestion of lignocellulosic biomasses
In this study, the effect of thermo‐alkaline pretreatment and recycling of the liquid fraction (black liquor) for successive pretreatment steps on chemical composition and methane yields from horse
Investigation of Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide in Aqueous Organic Solvent to Enhance Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Rice Straw
Alkaline hydrogen peroxide (AHP) pretreatment is a promising process for enhancing enzymatic digestibility of lignocellulosic biomass in biorefineries. In the present work, the effects of organic


Alkaline peroxide pretreatment of corn stover: effects of biomass, peroxide, and enzyme loading and composition on yields of glucose and xylose
Alkaline peroxide is an effective pretreatment for corn stover thanks to the use of reagents with low environmental impact and avoidance of special reaction chambers and improved pH control.
Understanding of alkaline pretreatment parameters for corn stover enzymatic saccharification
The high chemical consumption for alkaline pretreatment technology indicates that the main challenge for commercialization is chemical recovery, however, repurposing or co-locating a biorefinery with a paper mill would be advantageous from an economic point of view.
Alkali Recycling from Rice Straw Hydrolyzate by Ultrafiltration: Fouling Mechanism and Pretreatment Efficiency
Alkaline pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass produced certain amounts of alkaline-soluble lignin and phenolic compounds in the hydrolyzate, which might bring a negative effect on the alkali reuse
Scale‐up and integration of alkaline hydrogen peroxide pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis, and ethanolic fermentation
The results indicate that AHP is readily scalable and can be integrated with enzyme hydrolysis and fermentation and has potential advantages with regard to capital costs, process simplicity, feedstock handling, and compatibility with enzymatic deconstruction and fermentation.