Recycled "Trash": Gender and Authenticity in Country Music Autobiography

  title={Recycled "Trash": Gender and Authenticity in Country Music Autobiography},
  author={Pamela Fox},
  journal={American Quarterly},
  pages={234 - 266}
  • Pamela Fox
  • Published 1 June 1998
  • Education
  • American Quarterly
Somebody said I should write all these memories down. But it ain't like writing a song .... I'm not pretending I know how to write a book-not even a book about me. . . . The first thing I insisted was that it [Coal Miner's Daughter] sound like me. When all those city folks try to fix up my talking, all they do is mess me up. .... This is MY book. Instead of using Webster's Dictionary, we're using Webb's Dictionary-Webb was my maiden name. 

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