Recyclable Transmission Line ( RTL ) and Linear Transformer Driver ( LTD ) Development for Z-Pinch Inertial Fusion Energy ( Z-IFE ) and High Yield

  title={Recyclable Transmission Line ( RTL ) and Linear Transformer Driver ( LTD ) Development for Z-Pinch Inertial Fusion Energy ( Z-IFE ) and High Yield},
  author={Craig L. Olson and Michael G. Mazarakis and William E. Fowler and Robin A. Sharpe and David L. Smith and Matthew C. Turgeon and William L. Langston and T. D. Pointon and Paul F. Ottinger and Joseph W. Schumer and Dale R. Welch and David V. Rose and Thomas Charles Genoni and N. Bruner and Carsten H. Thoma and Mark E. Barkey and Michael Guthrie and Daniel C. Kammer and Gerald L. Kulcinski and Yuri G. Kalinin and Alexander S. Kingsep and Sergei L. Nedoseev and Valentin Smirnov and Alexander V. Kim},
Z-Pinch Inertial Fusion Energy (Z-IFE) complements and extends the single-shot zpinch fusion program on Z to a repetitive, high-yield, power plant scenario that can be used for the production of electricity, transmutation of nuclear waste, and hydrogen production, all with no CO2 production and no long-lived radioactive nuclear waste. The Z-IFE concept uses a Linear Transformer Driver (LTD) accelerator, and a Recyclable Transmission Line (RTL) to connect the LTD driver to a high-yield fusion… CONTINUE READING


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