Recursive Programming

  title={Recursive Programming},
  author={Edsger W. Dijkstra},
  journal={Numerische Mathematik},
  • E. Dijkstra
  • Published 1960
  • Mathematics
  • Numerische Mathematik
Dissolving a half century old problem about the implementation of procedures
Abstract We investigate the semantics of the procedure concept, and of one of the main techniques introduced by E. W. Dijkstra in his article Recursive Programming to implement it, namely the “staticExpand
An experimental compiler-compiler system
Edsger Dijkstra. The Man Who Carried Computer Science on His Shoulders
  • K. Apt
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • 2020
This a biographical essay about Edsger Wybe Dijkstra is based on a collection of letters written by the Dutch writer and poet Edsgeir WybeDijkstra in the years leading up to his death in 1993. Expand
From folklore to fact: comparing implementations of stacks and continuations
An ``apples-to-apples'' comparison of six different approaches to implementing call stacks and continuations, with the only differences being those required by the differences in implementation strategy. Expand
Neural Shape Parsers for Constructive Solid Geometry
CSGNET is presented, a deep network architecture that takes as input a 2D or 3D shape and outputs a CSG program that models it and can be trained on novel datasets without program annotations through policy gradient techniques. Expand
ASH CC Algo.: Coin Change Algorithm Optimization
  • Ashar Mehmood
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Computer Applications
  • 2019
This paper has presented a suboptimal solution for the coin change problem which is much better than the greedy algorithm and has accuracy comparable to dynamic solution, and comparison of different algorithms has been stated. Expand
An Analysis and Study of Iteration Procedures
  • Dr. R. B. Singh, Shivani Tomar
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development
  • 2019
A scientifically thorough combination investigation of an iterative method is typically performed; notwithstanding, heuristic-based iterative methods are additionally normal. Expand
The treewidth of smart contracts
This paper proves that the intraprocedural treewidth of structured Solidity and Vyper smart contracts is bounded by 10 and, in sharp contrast with classical programs, trewidth-based algorithms can be easily applied for interprocesural analysis. Expand
A Master Class on Recursion
  • T. Verhoeff
  • Computer Science
  • Adventures Between Lower Bounds and Higher Altitudes
  • 2018
This paper shows how to do recursion in an object-oriented programming language that does not allow recursion. Expand
Representational Systems in Zoosemiotics and Anthroposemiotics Part I: What Have the So-Called “Talking Animals” Taught Us about Human Language?
Abstract This paper offers a brief critical review of some of the so-called “Talking Animals” projects. The findings from the projects are compared with linguistic data from Homo sapiens and withExpand