[Recurrent ulcers following selective proximal vagotomy (10 years' results)].


The results of selective proximal vagotomy (SPV) in 1266 patients were studied. In 778 (61.5%) SPV alone was performed, in 488 (38.5%)--SPV with drainage operation: Finney pyloroplasty--in 249 (51%), Heineke-Mikulicz pyloroplasty--in 77 (15.8%), Jaboulay gastroduodenostomy--in 75 (15.4%), anterior hemipylorectomy--in 49 (10%), other drainage operations--in 38 (7.8%). After isolated SPV, excellent and good results were noted in 81.5% of the patients, satisfactory--in 11.1%, unsatisfactory--in 7.4%; after SPV with drainage operation--in 87.7%, 9.6% and 2.7%, respectively. An ulcer recurrence after SPV was revealed in 58 (7.4%), after SPV with drainage operation--in 13 (2.7%) of the patients examined. In 90% of cases, an ulcer recurrence developed at the pyloroduodenal zone, in 10%--in the stomach. The incidence of ulcer recurrence was 8.7% after operations performed by surgeons, who had not enough experience with the SPV performance, and 4.4%--by experienced surgeons. In 46.5% of cases, in recurrent ulcer, the conservative treatment was performed, and the remaining patients underwent surgery (antrumectomy, revagotomy etc.).

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