Recurrent peripheral odontogenic fibroma. Case report.

  title={Recurrent peripheral odontogenic fibroma. Case report.},
  author={Stavan Patel and John Vakkas and Louis Mandel},
  journal={The New York state dental journal},
  volume={77 4},
Peripheral odontogenic fibroma (POF), an extraosseous variant of the central odontogenic fibroma, is considered an uncommon benign gingival lesion with a small recurrence rate. Clinically, it mimics a variety of benign neoplasms, metastases and reactive lesions, but it is most commonly confused with the peripheral ossifying fibroma. In this report, we describe a healthy 32-year-old male who was seen with a recurrent POF of the right maxilla. The surgical excision site was repaired using a free… CONTINUE READING