Recurrent malignant phyllodes tumor of breast with gastric metastasis

  title={Recurrent malignant phyllodes tumor of breast with gastric metastasis},
  author={Hsin-Chen Lin and Cheng-wei Chou},
  journal={Journal of Cancer Research and Practice},
  pages={132 - 135}
Malignant phyllodes tumor of the breast (MPTB) is a rare breast malignancy. Surgery is the primary treatment for this malignant tumor. Adjuvant radiotherapy should be considered if the surgical margin is positive. The lungs and bone are the most frequent metastatic sites of MPTB; however, gastric involvement is rare. Herein, we report a 64-year-old woman with MPTB. Surgery was the initial treatment; however, lung and gastric metastases were found 5 years later. Palliative chemotherapy with the… 

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The data support the potential use of BCS in patients with MPTB and suggest that mastectomy is indicated only if tumor‐free margins cannot be obtained by BCS, and adjuvant radiotherapy may be considered if tumor-free margins are <1 cm.
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