Recurrent inguinal hernia treated by classical hernioplasty.

  title={Recurrent inguinal hernia treated by classical hernioplasty.},
  author={Jan N. M. Ijzermans and H de Wilt and Wim C. J. Hop and Hans Jeekel},
  journal={Archives of surgery},
  volume={126 9},
The treatment of recurrent inguinal hernia by classical hernioplasty, ie, via the anterior approach and using endogenous tissue for repair, was evaluated in 163 patients operated on between 1980 and 1987. One hundred fifteen patients had a first recurrence and 48 had a multiple recurrence; 58% were of the direct type; 30% were of the indirect type; 7% were of the combined type; and 5% were not defined. In 1989 a questionnaire was sent to all patients; those indicating symptoms of recurrence… CONTINUE READING

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