[Recurrent implantation failure and thrombophilia].


OBJECTIVE Bring a comprehensive overview of the available knowledge about the importance of thrombophilic mutations in patients with recurrent implantation failure and summary of therapeutic options. DESIGN Overview study. SETTING Department of Obstetric and Gynecology, University Hospital Olomouc. METHODS Analysis of literary sources and databases Ovid, Medline. CONCLUSION Failure of implantation in the context of assisted reproduction is associated with impaired endometrial receptivity. In women with normal anatomy may affect the implantation of embryos during stimulation hormonal changes, immunological factors or thrombophilic mutations. Recurrent implantation failure patients should be tested for the presence of thrombophilic mutations. Subsequently, these patients should be individually consulted and low molecular weight heparin should be used only in indicated cases. According to the available data treatment is recommended only in patients with known acquired or inherited thrombophilic disorder.

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