Recurrent gallstone ileus: time to change our surgery?

  title={Recurrent gallstone ileus: time to change our surgery?},
  author={J. E. F. Fitzgerald and Lucy Anne Fitzgerald and Charles Maxwell-Armstrong and Adam J. Brooks},
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Rare Problems: Mirizzi Syndrome, Fistula and Gallstone Ileus
F Fistulation between the gallbladder and the extrahepatic bile ducts (Mirizzi syndrome) and cholecysto-enteric fistula occur as the result of an advanced stage of chronic inflammation process.
A case of recurrent gallstone ileus: the fate of the residual gallstone remains unknown
The 67-year-old woman in this case report had three known gallstones transit her small bowel with two causing obstruction and the third causing a ‘tumbling phenomenon’.
Gall-Stone Ileus--Own Patients And Literature Review.
5 patients have undergone an operation due to a small intestine gall-stone ileus in years 2011-2013 (within 27 months) in the General Surgery Ward of the Beskid Oncology Center - Municipal Hospital and simple enterotomy with a gall-stones extraction was performed.
Recurrent gallstone ileus
Treatment for recurrent gallstone ileus in elderly patients with multiple co-morbidities should be individualized, with stone removal by enterotomy alone being the most commonly used strategy.
Surgery for Gallstone Ileus: A Nationwide Comparison of Trends and Outcomes
Enterotomy with stone extraction alone appears to be associated with better outcomes than more invasive techniques, and Mortality rates appear to be lower than previously reported in the literature.
Cholecystolithotomy, a new approach to reduce recurrent gallstone ileus
A treatment algorithm is recommended based on the severity of the inflammation around the gallbladder, including cholecystolithotomy as a third treatment approach that aims to reduce the risk of recurrent GSI.
The Regularity of the Site of Impaction in Recurrent Gallstone Ileus: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Reported Cases
A high index of suspicion for RGSI is maintained for older women with a history of GSI and the region where the stone was impacted during IGSI should be investigated first in such patients.
Gallstone Ileus: Management and Clinical Outcomes
It is shown that minimally invasive treatment such as colonoscopy or laparoscopy is possible in these cases of gallstone ileus, a rare and difficult-to-diagnose condition.
A case of recurrent gallstone ileus within 1 week post enterolithotomy
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This case describes an 84-year-old woman who presented with a mechanical bowel obstruction secondary to gallstone impacted in the distal jejunum and developed an early recurrent gallstone ileus, confirmed on computed tomography on Day 7 postoperatively.


Colonic gallstone ileus.
A rare case of colonic gallstone obstruction in a patient with cholecystocolic fistula is presented and the difficulties in establishing the correct radiologic diagnosis of gallstone ileus and in visualizing the biliary-enteric fistula are discussed.
Totally laparoscopic management of gallstone ileus.
A 60-year-old diabetic woman who presented with a bowel obstruction and pneumobilia on abdominal radiographs and underwent exploratory laparoscopy using three reusable ports, an enterolithotomy, and her remaining bowel was examined is reported on.
Gallstone Ileus: Diagnosis and Management
Management of gallstone ileus must be individualized and the one-stage procedure should be offered only to highly selected patients with good cardiorespiratory reserve and with absolute indications for biliary surgery at the time of presentation.
Gallstone ileus: a review of 1001 reported cases.
Although rare in the general population, gallstone ileus accounts for 25 per cent of nonstrangulated small bowel obstructions in those over the age of 65. While mortality has declined over the years,
Bouveret's syndrome.
Pathological examination exhibited chronic inflammation and no primary cancer of the gallbladder and fistula of the patient, who underwent simultaneous cholecystectomy, segmental duodenectomy and gastro-jejunostomy.
Advantages of one-stage repair in case of gallstone ileus.
The results prove that the concomitant one-stage repair for gallstone ileus significantly reduces the overall mortality rate compared to the single enterolithotomy alone and later cholecystectomy based on patient symptoms.
Comparison of Surgical Treatments of Gallstone Ileus: Preliminary Report
The purpose of this study was to compare the two investigated surgical procedures: treatment of intestinal obstruction alone or combined with urgent cholecystectomy and fistula repair, and simple enterotomy should be the procedure of choice for patients with gallstone ileus.