Recurrent adult acute epiglottitis: the role of lingual tonsillectomy.


Acute epiglottitis is a life-threatening infection of the supraglottic airway that can occur at any age. Although it is traditionally described as a childhood infection, recent reports describe an increased recognition of this problem in adults. When appropriate and timely therapy is instituted, this condition is generally self-limited. Recurrent acute… (More)


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@article{Wilson1989RecurrentAA, title={Recurrent adult acute epiglottitis: the role of lingual tonsillectomy.}, author={Jeremiah F. Wilson and S Coutras and Thomas A Tami}, journal={The Annals of otology, rhinology, and laryngology}, year={1989}, volume={98 8 Pt 1}, pages={602-4} }