Recurrence plots and chaotic motion around Kerr black hole

  title={Recurrence plots and chaotic motion around Kerr black hole},
  author={Ondvrej Kop'avcek and Jivr'i Kov'avr and Vladim R Karas and Zdenvek Stuchl'ik},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena},
We study the motion of charged test particles around a Kerr black hole immersed in the asymptotically uniform magnetic field, concluding that off‐equatorial stable orbits are allowed in this system. Being interested in dynamical properties of these astrophysically relevant orbits we employ rather novel approach based on the analysis of recurrences of the system to the vicinity of its previous states. We use recurrence plots (RPs) as a tool to visualize recurrences of the trajectory in the phase… Expand
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Recurrence quantification analysis of the logistic equ ation with transients,Physics
  • Letters A,
  • 1996