Recurrence of peripheral T-cell lymphoma as granulomas in the lower limbs.

  title={Recurrence of peripheral T-cell lymphoma as granulomas in the lower limbs.},
  author={Ana Rita Travassos and Jo{\~a}o Borges-Costa and Jo{\~a}o Canelas Raposo and Luis Miguel Soares Almeida and Paulo Filipe},
  journal={Anais brasileiros de dermatologia},
  volume={87 5},
The presence of granulomas in the skin of T-cell lymphoma patients is a rare but well-known phenomenon. The authors present the case of a 44-year-old Caucasian male, with a previously treated peripheral T-cell lymphoma, with cutaneous infiltration and extensive dyschromia on his lower limbs. Skin biopsies revealed the presence of sarcoid granulomas associated with the recurrence of the lymphoma, confirmed by immunostaining and molecular analysis. Although a new scheme of chemotherapy was… CONTINUE READING


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