Recurrence of intrathoracic esophageal cancer.

  title={Recurrence of intrathoracic esophageal cancer.},
  author={Kaichi Isono and Shoichi Onoda and Kazuaki Okuyama and Hiroki Sato},
  journal={Japanese journal of clinical oncology},
  volume={15 1},
We have investigated the site of recurrence after resection of esophageal cancer in a total of 147 cases, which were examined and classified according to the site as follows: lymph nodes, organs, local sites, remnant of the esophagus, and peritoneum. The highest incidence of recurrence was 40% in both lymph nodes and organs. Recurrence was found frequently in the cervical and upper mediastinal lymph nodes. Careful examination should be made in the abdominal paraaortic lymph nodes. As for… CONTINUE READING
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