Rectus muscle orbital wall fixation: a reversible profound weakening procedure.


INTRODUCTION Surgical treatment of third nerve palsy, sensory exotropia and strabismus secondary to anomalous innervation of the rectus muscles, frequently require large rectus muscle recessions in an attempt to maintain alignment in the primary position and reduce the effects of misinnervation. The aim of this study was to describe and evaluate the results of inactivation of a rectus muscle by its attachment to the adjacent orbital wall. METHODS Seven subjects diagnosed with third-nerve palsy (three cases), Duane syndrome (two cases), sensory exotropia (one case), and congenital aberrant innervation of vertical rectus muscles (one case) underwent rectus muscle inactivation by orbital wall fixation. The rectus muscle was disinserted from the globe and reattached to the adjacent orbital periosteum using non-absorbable sutures. This surgery was performed on the lateral rectus muscle in six subjects, and surgery was performed on both ipsilateral vertical rectus muscles in one. RESULTS Postoperatively four of six patients were aligned within 12 prism diopters of orthotropia in primary position. All patients had improvement of the anomalous head posture. In Duane syndrome, lateral rectus inactivation markedly reduced co-contraction and globe retraction. No overcorrections resulted. CONCLUSION A rectus muscle may be functionally inactivated when its insertion is attached to the orbital periosteum. Advantages of this procedure over extirpation and free tenotomy include permanent disinsertion of the muscle from globe and reversibility.

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