Rectal prolapse in infancy: conservative versus operative treatment.

  title={Rectal prolapse in infancy: conservative versus operative treatment.},
  author={Niels Qvist and Lars Rasmussen and Kaj Erik Klaaborg and Lars Peter Hansen and Svend Arne Pedersen},
  journal={Journal of pediatric surgery},
  volume={21 10},
In infancy there are two types of rectal prolapse. One type is less pronounced and intermittent. This type occurred in 9 out of 17 children referred for rectal prolapse and ceased after a few weeks' conservative treatment. The other type is a more pronounced prolapse occurring at nearly each defecation and lasting several weeks or months. These patients may need an operation, especially when ulceration of the mucosa occurs. In our patients, a Lockhart-Mummery operation was used successfully in… CONTINUE READING