Recovery of phytosterols from sunflower oil deodorizer distillates

  title={Recovery of phytosterols from sunflower oil deodorizer distillates},
  author={Eduardo Ant{\^o}nio Moreira and Miguel A. Baltan{\'a}s},
  journal={Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society},
Phytosterols are usually recovered by crystallization from the deodorizer distillate (DD) of vegetable oils. In this work, the impact of the principal process variables (viz., solvents and cosolvents, cooling rate, crystallization temperature, and ripening time) on the quality and yield of the recovered phytosterols was studied by using a sunflower oil DD “enriched” (i.e., preconcentrated) via transesterification with ethanol (EDD) as a feedstock and commercial hexane as solvent (S), with S/EDD… CONTINUE READING