Recovery of new integron classes from environmental DNA.

  title={Recovery of new integron classes from environmental DNA.},
  author={Blair S. Nield and A. J. Holmes and Michael R. Gillings and Gavin D Recchia and Bridget C Mabbutt and K. M. Helena Nevalainen and H. W. Stokes},
  journal={FEMS microbiology letters},
  volume={195 1},
Integrons are genetic elements known for their role in the acquisition and expression of genes conferring antibiotic resistance. Such acquisition is mediated by an integron-encoded integrase, which captures genes that are part of gene cassettes. To test whether integrons occur in environments with no known history of antibiotic exposure, PCR primers were designed to conserved regions of the integrase gene and the gene cassette recombination site. Amplicons generated from four environmental DNA… CONTINUE READING