Recovery of muscular performance after surgical stress in elderly patients.

  title={Recovery of muscular performance after surgical stress in elderly patients.},
  author={Ivan Bautmans and Nele Van De Winkel and Allison Ackerman and Liza De Dobbeleer and Eisabeth De Waele and Ingo Beyer and Tony Mets and Marcello Maggio},
  journal={Current pharmaceutical design},
  volume={20 19},
INTRODUCTION Inflammation is related to muscle wasting in elderly persons. Since surgery is accompanied by an important inflammatory response, the degree of muscle wasting and related symptoms such as weakness and tiredness might exacerbate very rapidly in elderly surgery patients. METHODS PubMed and Web of Science were systematically screened for articles reporting the influence of surgery-induced inflammation on muscle performance and/or fatigue in elderly patients. Studies reporting… CONTINUE READING

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