Recovery from steroid-induced osteoporosis.

  title={Recovery from steroid-induced osteoporosis.},
  author={Nicholas A. Pocock and John A. Eisman and Colin Robert Dunstan and Richard A. Evans and David H. Thomas and Noorjahan Laila Huq},
  journal={Annals of internal medicine},
  volume={107 3},
The reversibility of steroid-induced osteoporosis, a major complication of Cushing syndrome and long-term use of exogenous corticosteroids, is not well documented. We measured the bone mineral density of lumbar vertebras and the femoral neck by dual-photon absorptiometry and determined the biochemical variables of bone turnover in two patients successfully treated for Cushing syndrome who were followed for the next 24 months. Our data are the first to show marked increases in bone density (up… CONTINUE READING


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