Recovery and outcome of delirium in elderly medical inpatients.

  title={Recovery and outcome of delirium in elderly medical inpatients.},
  author={Dimitrios Adamis and Adrian Treloar and Finbarr C. Martin and Alastair J. D. Macdonald},
  journal={Archives of gerontology and geriatrics},
  volume={43 2},
This study investigates the relationships between delirium, cognitive impairment and acute illness severity with adverse clinical outcomes; in-hospital mortality, hospital length of stay, or new entry to a care home. It is a prospective observational study of medical inpatients 70 years or older, with repeated measurements of cognition, delirium status, delirium severity, and severity of physical illness every 3 days until the 18th day and then the 28th day of hospitalization. Of 94… CONTINUE READING

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