Recovering the full pose from a single keyframe


Photo-based augmentation is a growing field in particular for industrial augmented reality (IAR) applications. Registration is at the core of every photo-based AR software. This alignment of the image to the 3D model coordinate system is usually achieved with fiducial markers. When a single keyframe is used, the unknown baseline length has to be estimated in order to superimpose virtual models onto the image. In this paper, we develop an automatic algorithm to augment the relative pose, estimated using a single keyframe, into a full pose that will permit superimposition. This is performed by propagating known 2D-3D correspondences to the target image using perspectively corrected template matching and followed by a refinement of the estimated full pose that combines geometric and photometric information. The performance and the stability of the proposed method is extensively demonstrated on synthetic data and its applicability is shown within an industrial AR software for visual inspection and documentation.

DOI: 10.1109/WACV.2009.5403093
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@article{Georgel2009RecoveringTF, title={Recovering the full pose from a single keyframe}, author={Pierre Fite Georgel and Selim Benhimane and J{\"{u}rgen Sotke and Nassir Navab}, journal={2009 Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV)}, year={2009}, pages={1-7} }