Recovering selenium and tellurium from copper refinery slimes

  title={Recovering selenium and tellurium from copper refinery slimes},
  author={James E. Hoffmann},
The significant amount of selenium and tellurium present in copper refinery slimes often makes the recovery of these elements not only desirable, but economically viable. While a variety of processes have been developed to this end, some are more feasible because they recover greater values and are environmentally safer. 
The treatment of copper refinery anode slimes
There are numerous viable approaches to the treatment of anode slimes from electrolytic copper refining. Of particular interest in the treatment of slimes are the behavior and recovery of selenium.
Copper, nickel and tellurium yields during leaching of anode slime
This project has been performed as a thesis work in the final year of an MSc Programme in Chemical Engineering with specialisation in Minerals and Metallurgical Engineering. The work has been don ...
Selenium minerals and the recovery of selenium from copper refinery anode slimes
laboratory (Greenwood et al., 1984). The discovery of selenium was made by the Swedish chemist J.J. Berzelius and J.G. Gahn, who isolated selenium from a red residue in sulphuric acid from pyrite
Electrochemical recovery of tellurium from metallurgical industrial waste
Abstract The current study outlines the electrochemical recovery of tellurium from a metallurgical plant waste fraction, namely Doré slag. In the precious metals plant, tellurium is enriched to the
Tellurium, from Copper Anode Slime to High Purity Product: A Review Paper
Tellurium is a rare metalloid that is vastly produced from copper anode slime, which is a by-product of the copper electrorefining process. Choosing the proper recovery method strongly depends on the