Recovering Women

  title={Recovering Women},
  author={Melissa Pearl Friedling},

‘They all know what I am. I’m a woman come in here to get drunk’: shame, femininity and the literature of intoxication

ABSTRACT This article addresses the intersection of femininity, shame, and alcoholism, considering the particular shame of the woman who drinks via a reading of Jean Rhys’s Good Morning, Midnight

The Age of Intervention: Addiction, Culture, and Narrative During the War on Drugs

OF DISSERTATION THE AGE OF INTERVENTION: ADDICTION, CULTURE, AND NARRATIVE DURING THE WAR ON DRUGS While addiction narratives have been a feature of American culture at least since the early 19

'New Femininities' Fiction

I identify and analyse an emergent sub-genre of contemporary literature by women that I am calling ̳New Femininities‘ fiction. This fiction is about the distinctly feminine experience of

Trauma, feminism, and addiction: Cultural and clinical lessons from Susan Gordon Lydon’s take the long way home: Memoirs of a survivor.

This article explores second-wave feminist Susan Gordon Lydon’s 1993 memoir, Take the Long Way Home: Memoirs of a Survivor as a historical document whose resonances remain relevant for people working

Recovering Selves

SUMMARY This is an ethnographic study of a therapeutic-community drug treatment program comprised of mostly court-mandated clients. It explores how women interact with treatment practices and the