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Records of south american Notonectidae mainly from the Amazon-region

  title={Records of south american Notonectidae mainly from the Amazon-region},
  author={Nico Nieser},
The material on which this publication is based has been collected for the greater part during investigations sponsored by the “Max-Planck Institut fur Limnologie, Abt. Tropenokologie”, at Plon (director Prof. Dr. H. Sioli), and the “Institute Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia” at Manaus and Brasilia (director Prof. Dr. D. Batista). Other specimens have been included from the Copenhagen, Leiden and Wageningen Museums and the Zoological Institute at Leningrad. The following abbreviations… 

A synopsis of Martarega White, 1879 (Insecta: Heteroptera: Notonectidae) occurring in the Brazilian Amazonia, with descriptions of three new species

Three new species of Martarega are described from the Brazilian Amazonian Region: M. brasiliensis is newly recorded from Roraima, which comprises the first record of members of this genus in this State, as well as M. uruguayensis from Para and Rondonia, while M. gonostyla from Rondonian.

Checklist and new records of Notonectidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Nepomorpha) from Goiás, Brazil

Abstract. The braziliansavannah, called Cerrado , has the richest flora among the world’s savannahs, and the State of Goias comprises part of this biome. We present here a checklist for Goias based

A new species of Buenoa Kirkaldy (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Notonectidae) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A key to male species of Buenoa occurring in Rio de Janeiro State, including the new species of B. pseudomutabilis sp.

New distribution records of the genus Martarega White, 1879 (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Notonectidae) in eastern Mato Grosso State, Brazil

Martarega White, 1879 is a small genus of Notonectidae with 20 described species that occur in the Western Hemisphere with records from the southern United States to Argentina and in Brazil, where there are 14 species.

New records of aquatic Heteroptera (Hemiptera) from the Andean foothills of the Amazonia (Putumayo, Colombia)

Four new records of species of aquatic heteropterous are added to the entomofauna of Colombia and, distributional limits are extended for all species collected. New data is reported for the

New species and new records of Notonecta (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Notonectidae) from Brazil

Along with the first description of a Notonecta from Brazil in eighty years, N. disturbata is newly recorded from the states of Para, Piaui and Sao Paulo, and N. pulchra from Para.

Faunistical notes on aquatic Heteroptera of Minas Gerais (Brazil): an annotated list of Gerromorpha and Nepomorpha collected near Januária, MG.

A list of water bugs from a collecting trip to Januária (MG) is presented. Identified were 59 species of which one new to science and 11 new state records, in addition 3 apparently undescribed

The Taxonomic Status of Notonecta (Paranecta) virescens Blanchard, N. (P.) bicirca Hungerford and N. (P.) bicircoidea Hungerford (Heteroptera: Notonectidae)

The synonymy of Notonecta (Paranecta) virescens Blanchard 1852, N. (P.) bicirca Hungerford 1926 and N. (P.) bicircoidea Hungerford 1928 is established on examination of the type material. The

Notonéctidos (Hemiptera, Cryptocerata: Notonectidae) de Venezuela: listado de especies y distribución geográfica

Se presenta un listado actualizado de las especies de notonectidos identificadas hasta ahora para Venezuela y su respectiva distribucion geografica; ademas de una clave para generos. En el pais se

Gerromorpha y Nepomorpha (Insecta: Heteroptera) del Parque Provincial Salto Encantado del Valle del Cuñá Pirú, Provincia de Misiones, Argentina

The results emphasize the value of this protected area for the conservation of biodiversity of semiaquatic and aquatic Heteroptera occurring in the province.