Records of Proceedings at Meetings

  title={Records of Proceedings at Meetings},
  author={Brian H. Bowditch and Victor V. Goryunov and Manju P Joy and C. Knudsen and Alexander V. Mikhailov and Bryan P. Rynne and M. Sayed and V. M. Turner and Kevin J. White},
  journal={Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society},
held on Friday 20 June 1997 at the Linnean Society’s Rooms, Burlington House, Professor J. M. Ball, FRS, in the Chair. There were present about 35 members and visitors. Nine people were elected to Ordinary Membership: B. H. Bowditch, V. V. Goryunov, M. P. Joy, C. Knudsen, A. V. Mikhailov, B. P. Rynne, M. Sayed, V. M. Turner, K. A. J. White; two people were elected to Associate Membership: R. M. Green, A. G. Livotto; and three people were elected to Reciprocity Membership: L. Foschini (Unione…