Record of organic evolution in upper proterozoic of the Bohemian massif

  • Blanka Pacltové
  • Published 2006 in Origins of life and evolution of the biosphere


An thrsx~lise underlying pillow !_~ve from the upon. ~rotez'ozoic, Mzeov !ocali~y, Cz~eho~ovax~a, was studied using psl~T~l~sicsl tecb_uique, thin sections sod S~ mic~oscopy. Both OV~ ~nd remains of various multicel!ul~ fossils (me~sphyts) have been recorded. Diverse sphez, icsl scri~archs, ~ccs~ sionslly wi~h ve~'y sho;rt processes, crypta~chs ~ simple… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF02388945


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