Reconversion to Hinduism: A Hindu Nationalist Reaction Against Conversion to Christianity and Islam

  title={Reconversion to Hinduism: A Hindu Nationalist Reaction Against Conversion to Christianity and Islam},
  author={Iris Vandevelde},
  journal={South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies},
  pages={31 - 50}
  • I. Vandevelde
  • Published 7 March 2011
  • Sociology
  • South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies
Abstract From the broader debate on the phenomenon of conversion, it becomes clear that conversion to Christianity and Islam generates discomfort in Indian society. Moreover reconversion to Hinduism, which often goes unnoticed in this controversy, also exists. What kinds of phenomena are labelled as reconversion? What meanings do they have? Based on fieldwork and interviews, alongside analyses of media coverage and archival research, this article gives an overview of the different kinds of… Expand
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Sadhvi Rithambara is a prominent VHP leader who established the Durga Vahini or girls' wing of the Bajrang Dal
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Collective reconversions are less attractive for the VHP, because these are more visible than those performed in small groups and easily counteracted by Muslims and Christians. See Rajeshwar
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Militant Hindus and the Conversion Issue (1885-1990): From Suddhi to Dharm Parivartan. The Politicization and Diffusion of an ''Invention of Tradition
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