Reconstruction with submental flap for aggressive orofacial cancer.

  title={Reconstruction with submental flap for aggressive orofacial cancer.},
  author={T L Chow and Tony Tung-Fei Chan and T K V Chow and Siu-Chung Fung and Sonia HY Lam},
  journal={Plastic and reconstructive surgery},
  volume={120 2},
BACKGROUND The submental flap was described for head and neck reconstruction more than a decade ago. Its application is confined mainly to nonmalignant diseases or low-grade malignancies, as the submental flap resides in the level I lymphatic drainage region of the neck. The authors report the use of the submental flap for soft-tissue reconstruction in a selected group of patients with aggressive orofacial cancer. METHODS From March of 2003 to September of 2005, 10 patients (nine with… CONTINUE READING


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