Reconstruction of the nasal valve.

  title={Reconstruction of the nasal valve.},
  author={Davide Johan Bottini and Pietro Gentile and Alessia Arpino and Giuseppe M Dasero and Valerio Cervelli},
  journal={The Journal of craniofacial surgery},
  volume={18 3},
The authors present their experience with reconstructive nasal valve surgery, evaluating the effects related to the use of a composite graft, which is a graft made of skin and cartilage, or mucosa and cartilage, and to the transposition of mucocartilaginous flaps. A sample of 15 patients (12 women and three men) selected among 452 cases treated with functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the "Tor Vergata" University of Rome was analyzed… CONTINUE READING