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Reconstruction of multiple Compton scattering events in MeV gamma-rayCompton telescopes using a physics-based probabilistic model

  title={Reconstruction of multiple Compton scattering events in MeV gamma-rayCompton telescopes using a physics-based probabilistic model},
  author={Hiroki Yoneda and Hirokazu Odaka and Yuto Ichinohe and Satoshi Takashima and Tsuguo Aramaki and K. Aoyama and Jonathan Asaadi and Lorenzo Fabris and Yoshiyuki Inoue and G. Karagiorgi and D. Khangulyan and Masato Kimura and Jonathan Leyva and Reshmi Mukherjee and Taichi Nakasone and Kerstin M. Perez and Mayumi Sakurai and William Seligman and Masashi Tanaka and Naomi Tsuji and K. Yorita and Jiancheng Zeng},
Aimed at progress in MeV gamma-ray astronomy which has not yet been well-explored, Compton telescope missions with a variety of detector concepts have been proposed so far. One of the key techniques for these future missions is an event reconstruction algorithm that is able to determine the scattering orders of multiple Compton scattering events and to identify events in which gamma rays escape from the detectors before they deposit all of their energies. We revisit previous event… Expand


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