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Reconstruction of high-energy part of gamma-ray spectrum in thermal neutron capture by $^{113}$Cd

  title={Reconstruction of high-energy part of gamma-ray spectrum in thermal neutron capture by \$^\{113\}\$Cd},
  author={Vladimir A. Plujko and Oleksandr M. Gorbachenko and Kateryna Solodovnyk and V. M. Petrenko},
Average gamma-ray spectrum from Cd after thermal neutron capture in Cd was evaluated in units of mb/MeV. Two approaches are considered for estimation of average gamma-ray spectrum with normalization of the experimental data: mean spectra for all gamma-energies were found by averaging frequency polygon for experimental data histogram, and mean spectra were estimated as combination of theoretical values at low gamma-ray energies and averaging experimental data in high-energy range. The… Expand


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MeV up to ∼30% and allowed for better agreement between experimental and theoretical spectrum from fast neutrons within the interval ∼4
  • the energy range ∼3.5÷6.5