Reconstruction of a Greek table of chords

  title={Reconstruction of a Greek table of chords},
  author={Bartel L. van der Waerden},
  journal={Archive for History of Exact Sciences},
  • B. L. Waerden
  • Published 1988
  • Physics
  • Archive for History of Exact Sciences
SummaryR. R. Newton has shown that Ptolemy's table of solar declinations (Almagest I, 15) was not computed from Ptolemy's own table of chords. Newton explains this by assuming that Ptolemy copied his table of declinations from an earlier source, and that originally the table has been computed by means of a less accurate table of chords.In the present paper I shall venture a tentative reconstruction of the method of computation of this ancient table of chords. The clue to this reconstruction is… 
Bibliography of BL van der Waerden
This bibliography updates and on some minor spots corrects the one published in B.L. van der Waerden, Zur algebraischen Geometrie (Selected Papers), mit einem Geleitwort van F. Hirzebruch, Springer
From Hipparchus to a helix ruler
This paper gives a brief history of the chord function — a precursor of the sine function — from the mathematics/astronomy of Hipparchus and Ptolemy to the early twentieth century.