Reconstruction and the Making of a Free-Labor South

  title={Reconstruction and the Making of a Free-Labor South},
  author={N. Etcheson},
  journal={Reviews in American History},
  pages={236 - 242}
  • N. Etcheson
  • Published 2009
  • Sociology
  • Reviews in American History
Reconstruction is the stepchild of United States history. Students in Civil War courses do not want to hear about it: instead, they prefer battles in which winners and losers are clear. Popular imaginationdominated by Birth of a Nation and Gone with the Windcondemns it as a period in which rapacious Carpetbaggers from the North and ignorant freedmen combined to deprive the "real" (i.e., white) Southerners of their rights and property. Even historians have contributed to its general disrepute… Expand
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