Reconstructing the transport history of pebbles on Mars

  title={Reconstructing the transport history of pebbles on Mars},
  author={T{\'i}mea Szab{\'o} and G{\'a}bor Domokos and John P. Grotzinger and Douglas J Jerolmack},
  booktitle={Nature communications},
The discovery of remarkably rounded pebbles by the rover Curiosity, within an exhumed alluvial fan complex in Gale Crater, presents some of the most compelling evidence yet for sustained fluvial activity on Mars. While rounding is known to result from abrasion by inter-particle collisions, geologic interpretations of sediment shape have been qualitative. Here we show how quantitative information on the transport distance of river pebbles can be extracted from their shape alone, using a… CONTINUE READING

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