Reconstructing the Lenis Feature in Proto-Ẹdoid

  title={Reconstructing the Lenis Feature in Proto-Ẹdoid},
  author={Ben Ohi Elugbe},
The group of languages here called Edoid are those earlier called "Edo" (Thomas 1910) and the "Beningruppe" (Melzian 1942). Greenberg (1966) does not call them by any common name but says they are a sub-branch of Kwa, listing them äs group "e. Bini, Ishan, Kukuruku, Sobo". None of the above-mentioned scholars, however, seems to have been aware of the presence of Edoid-speaking peoples in the eastern part of the Niger Delta äs well äs in Akoko and Owo Divisions of Ondo State to the north of… 
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