Reconstructing the DNA Methylation Maps of the Neandertal and the Denisovan

  title={Reconstructing the DNA Methylation Maps of the Neandertal and the Denisovan},
  author={David Gokhman and Eitan Lavi and Kay Pr{\"u}fer and M. Fraga and J. Riancho and J. Kelso and S. P{\"a}{\"a}bo and E. Meshorer and L. Carmel},
  pages={523 - 527}
  • David Gokhman, Eitan Lavi, +6 authors L. Carmel
  • Published 2014
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Methylating the Family Tree DNA sequences show a high level of similarities between humans and ancient hominids but the degree to which there are differences between methylated regions in their genomes that may explain phenotypic differences is unclear. Gokhman et al. (p. 523, published online 17 April) demonstrate that naturally degraded methylated cytosines in ancient DNA are converted to thymines and can be used to reconstruct ancient methylomes. The results suggest differences in… CONTINUE READING
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