Reconstructing Identity and Situating Themselves in History: A Preliminary Note on the Meenas of Jaipur Locality

  title={Reconstructing Identity and Situating Themselves in History: A Preliminary Note on the Meenas of Jaipur Locality},
  author={Nandini Sinha},
  journal={Indian Historical Review},
  pages={29 - 43}
  • Nandini Sinha
  • Published 1 January 2000
  • History
  • Indian Historical Review
This short essay is based on oral traditions of the Meenas (the largest tribal community of Rajasthan)' of Jaipur locality recorded in the early nineteenth century bardic traditions and Koormaviliisa Vamsavalzof the Kachhawaha royal family, NainsirtKhydt, rural records and exploration records. As far as oral traditions of Meenas are concerned, they are confined to that part which narrates their history. Attempts that began in the early nineteenth century continued to be reaffirmed through the… 
The “Criminal Tribe” in India before the British
Abstract This paper challenges the broad consensus in current historiography that holds the Indian stereotype of criminal tribe to be a myth of colonial making. Drawing on a selection of precolonial
Migration, Mobility and Memories: Meos in the Processes of Peasantisation and Islamisation in Medieval Period
Image of communities in medieval India as a self-sufficient and autonomous entity has come under scrutiny in the recent past. Studies have successfully challenged these stereotypes and have argued


Mer Panwar-Like Chauhans, some Panwar{Paramar) Rajputs settled in the Olina villages and the children of such marriages came to be known as Mer Panwars
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    Joharwals-Descended from marriage between Nahrawat Rajputs and Meena women
      Mer Gehlots (with sub-castes Godhat, Bhondak, Bhilat, Bhailot)-Descended from Gehlot Rajputs and Mer-Meena woman in ancient times
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        7sFor instance, sec some of the texts of the Kachwaha inscriptions of Raja Man Singh's reign in
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            Bodwals-Descended from one Sopal Rajput and a woman named Rama Dai, daughter of Bhodia Meena of Narwal caste
              The Cult ofJagannath and Regional Traditions in Orissa
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