Reconstructing Complex Field Through Opaque Scattering Layer with Structured Light Illumination

  title={Reconstructing Complex Field Through Opaque Scattering Layer with Structured Light Illumination},
  author={Aditya Chandra Mandal and Manisha and Abhijeet Rajendra Phatak and Zeev Zalevsky and Rakesh Kumar Singh},
  journal={SSRN Electronic Journal},
The wavefront is scrambled when coherent light propagates through a random scattering medium and which makes direct use of the conventional optical methods ineffective. In this paper, we propose and demonstrate a structured light illumination for imaging through an opaque scattering layer. Proposed technique is reference free and capable to recover the complex field from intensities of the speckle patterns. This is realized by making use of the phase-shifting in the structured light illumination… 

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