Reconstructed epidermis versus human and animal skin in skin absorption studies.

  title={Reconstructed epidermis versus human and animal skin in skin absorption studies.},
  author={Susanne Schreiber and Ashraf Mahmoud and Alexander Gabriel Vuia and Maria K. R{\"u}bbelke and Elisabeth Schmidt and Martin Schaller and Helena Kand{\'a}rov{\'a} and Annekathrin Haberland and Ulrich F. Sch{\"a}fer and Udo Bock and Hans Christian Korting and Manfred Liebsch and Monika Sch{\"a}fer-Korting},
  journal={Toxicology in vitro : an international journal published in association with BIBRA},
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European chemical policy in general and the REACH initiative in particular will increase the number of chemical substances submitted to toxicological evaluation by several orders of magnitude compared to the current status. To limit animal exposure the resulting enormous increase in testing, however, asks for validated in vitro test systems. While the OECD favours in vitro testing for cutaneous absorption using viable human and animal skin (Guideline 428) the availability of viable human skin… CONTINUE READING