Reconstitution of phospholipid scramblase activity from human blood platelets.

  title={Reconstitution of phospholipid scramblase activity from human blood platelets.},
  author={Paul Comfurius and Patrick J. Williamson and E F Smeets and Robert A. Schlegel and Edouard M. Bevers and Robert F. A. Zwaal},
  volume={35 24},
Cellular activation, accompanied by elevation of cytoplasmic Ca2+ levels, can induce a progressive loss of plasma membrane phospholipid asymmetry, resulting from increased transbilayer movement (flip-flop) of phospholipids. While this process has been demonstrated in a variety of different cells, it is most active in blood platelets. In order to test whether this lipid scrambling process is mediated by a membrane protein, platelet membranes were solubilized in cholate and fractionated by anion… CONTINUE READING


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