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Reconsidering the Refractory Period: An Exploratory Study of Women's Post-Orgasmic Experiences

  title={Reconsidering the Refractory Period: An Exploratory Study of Women's Post-Orgasmic Experiences},
  author={Aliisa K. Humphries and Jan Cioe},
  journal={Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality},
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Sexual response
  • A. Rokach, Karishma Patel
  • Human Sexuality
  • 2021
II. Antidepressants and sexual behavior: Acute fluoxetine, but not ketamine, disrupts paced mating behavior in sexually experienced female rats
Even with sexual experience, fluoxetine disrupts sexual function whereas ketamine has no detrimental effects on sexual behavior in female rats, suggesting that ketamine is an encouraging new approach to treat depression particularly because it is not associated with sexual dysfunction.
Tactile suppression in goal-directed movement
Future research should focus on studying naturalistic movements, or sequences of movements, that share a common meaning or goal, and establishes contextual influences as the defining influences on tactile suppression.
Female rats express a conditioned object preference for receipt of sexual stimulation
The robust COPs for paced mating and aVCS support the notion that female rats experience a reward state during receipt of sexual stimulation and suggest that any aversive aspects of receipt ofSexual stimulation do not overshadow the appetitive effects.